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Mobil Special Diesel

Introducing Synergy Special Diesel, an advanced formulation, which has been shown to provide an average of 2.8 percent in fuel savings* for heavy duty on-road trucks.
  • Mobil Special Diesel

    Synergy Special Diesel

    We applied our technology, expertise and scientific rigour to develop Synergy Special Diesel as a fuel-efficient* solution to the challenges you face. It is backed by our commitment to providing outstanding supply reliability and consistent product quality, as well as by our long history of providing fuels to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Special diesel test results

    Proof of performance for Synergy Special Diesel

    ExxonMobil Research & Engineering evaluated Synergy Special Diesel in industry-recognised tests simulating real-world operating conditions. Independent tests performed at Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd, UK^:

    • Compared unadditised diesel with Synergy Special Diesel
    • Used third-party customer trucks (Euro III and Euro V specifications)
    • Measured five months of normal daily on-road operations (motorway, rural and urban environments)
    • Covered over 125,000 km
    • Took trucks out of service periodically for lab testing

*Synergy Special Diesel performance claims are based on internal and third-party customer testing, laboratory testing and/or literature support. Fuel economy testing was conducted using on-road trucks comparing performance to unadditised diesel. Actual benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.