Mobil’s next generation of fuels is coming soon.

  • Synergy Supreme+ 98

    Mobil Supreme+ (RON98)

    • 3x cleaner engine1
    • Removes 50% of harmful engine deposits2
    • Superior engine protection from the first fill
    • Reduces wear, friction and corrosion
    • Improves fuel economy for better mileage
    • Enhances engine performance

  • Synergy Extra 95

    Mobil Extra (RON95)

    • Keeps engine clean
    • Engine protection
    • Reduces friction and corrosion
    • Better fuel economy
    • Enhances engine performance

  • Synergy Special E10

    Mobil Unleaded E10

    • Unique blend contains up to 10% Ethanol.
    • Powered by Mobil fuels technology

  • Synergy Special Unleaded 91

    Mobil Unleaded (RON91)

    • Designed to exceed Australian petrol specifications
    • Powered by Mobil fuels technology

  • Synergy Special Diesel

    Mobil Diesel Efficient

    • Improves fuel economy
    • Reduces maintenance
    • Excellent corrosion protection
    • Enhances engine performance and responsiveness
    • Lower emissions

1 Based on comparison of Mobil Supreme+ fuel compared to Mobil Extra fuel in port fuel injected engines

2 Based on industry standard engine test

Unless otherwise specified, all claims are compared to unadditised fuel.  Actual benefits may vary depending on various factors including, without limitation, engine type, driving style, and fuel previously used.

All Mobil Diesel Efficient claims are based on internal and third-party customer testing, laboratory testing and/or literature support. Fuel economy and emissions testing was performed in the United Kingdom using on-road trucks comparing performance to unadditised diesel.