Mobil Card Australia – Fee schedule

Mobil Card Fee Schedule

Please note that these fees and charges may be varied by written notice to you. All fees listed exclude GST (if applicable). There is no entitlement to a refund or pro rata payment of any fees if an account is closed.
Account Fee $0.00 per month
Credit Card Payment Fees 1.3% on Visa and MasterCard payments
2.1% on American Express payments
Other Payment Fees No fees are applicable if you choose to pay by direct debit from your bank account or BPAY.
Replacement Card Fee $6.00 (per card)
Express Post Delivery $10.00 (per envelope)
Paper Statements $3.95 (per statement)
Dishonoured Payment Fee $25.00 (per dishonour)
Debt Collection Fee Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.
Late Payment Charge Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.