Mobil Card Australia offers a range of benefits to suit your business needs.

Mobil Card FAQs

Mobil Card is accepted at designated sites in our Mobil Fuel Finder tool, including most Mobil-branded service stations, and unmanned Mobil Diesel Truck Stops.

Mobil Card is also accepted at a range of Mobil Extras merchants, including a range of tyre, servicing, repair and maintenance providers – learn more here.

Once your application for a Mobil Card account has been approved, you’ll receive an email informing you and asking if you’d like to set-up any additional product controls. From this point, your cards will arrive after 5-7 business days. If you’d like to receive them sooner, let us know and we can arrange express delivery for a small fee.

You must report it immediately via Mobil Card Online, or by calling 1300 173 435.

You should ask for the card back and destroy it. You also should report it via Mobil Card Online, or by calling 1300 173 435.

Please contact us immediately on 1300 173 435 to avoid incurring any late payment charges and account suspension.

We pride ourselves on zero account fees and limited fees in general. Please visit our Fee Schedule for the full details.

You can request an increase or decrease in your Expenditure Limit by visiting Mobil Card Online or calling us on 1300 173 435.

You can set a PIN by logging in to Mobil Card Online in the ‘Account’ or ‘Cards’ section, select ‘PIN Settings’. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 173 435 (Monday to Friday, 8.45am – 7pm AEST).

Please note the following PIN settings apply to your cards:

Yes – a PIN must be used on all cards

Optional – PIN authorisation will be active on selected cards

No – No PIN settings will be active

If you set your cards as ‘Yes’ to PINs, the card cannot be used until a PIN has been set and the PIN is required for all transactions. You are responsible for keeping your PIN safe.

Your PIN will be active within 24 hours of setting or updating it.

Your card will be locked if you have incorrectly entered your PIN three times. Call 1300 764 502 to unlock it.